Project Funding for ISOC Members
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    Senin, 18 April 2005 (07:12 WIB) dari IP

    Dear Chapter Delegates:

    ISOC is now launching an exciting new program within the
    ISOC community - setting aside funds for use in eligible
    projects. We believe this will be a significant step in
    helping local chapters and members extend the reach
    and benefits of the Internet around the world - in line
    with ISOC's mission and goals.

    It is also our hope that this will be an outstanding way to
    help fuel the local creative energy, imagination and
    initiative that ISOC Individual Members and Chapters
    clearly have.

    This year ISOC has set aside US$150,000 in funds for such
    use and we have placed certain parameters around it in
    order to make funding available to as many projects as
    reasonably possible. Details, as well as the application
    process, may be accessed at:

    Funding consideration in future years will be part of the
    ISOC budgeting process. In this initial phase of the
    program the funds available for any one project are up to

    We have established a committee to handle this process
    composed of at least three members of the Board together
    with three members of staff. The initial Board participants
    on the committee are Rosa Delgado, Veni Markovski, Desirée
    Miloshevic, and Margaret Wasserman. The staff participants
    are the Membership Director (David McAuley), the VP
    Chapters and Individual Membership (Jim Galvin) and the
    Senior Program Manager responsible for
    Individual Members and Chapters (Nelson Sanchez).

    In order to get this off the ground and to make funds
    available as quickly as possible, and in order to be
    eligible for the initial round of funding, we require
    applications be submitted not later than May 6th.

    David McAuley
    Membership Director

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